Capture the love with a Custom Watercolor Commission by Justine



Original Painting


Just the original painting shipped to your home.

  • Original shipped within a week
  • Available in the US Only

Original + Digital



The original painting shipped to your home and a high resolution digital copy emailed to you!

  • Original shipped within a week.
  • Digital copy in your inbox within 48 hours.
  • Available in the US Only

Digital Only


A high res digital copy of your pet's painting emailed to you.

  • Digital copy in your inbox within 48 hours
  • Available for International Customers

A custom, hand-painted watercolor portrait is such a wonderful way to honor your beloved pet. All paintings are carefully created on 8x10" high-quality watercolor paper, sealed with a spray varnish for lasting protection, and mailed directly to you.
Justine draws and paints in a loose contour style.  Her objective is to capture the feeling in a moment.  

Custom Commission Fee:   $100 w/ Free Shipping

Your custom watercolor painting is completed in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Fill Out Form

Send Justine your information, order details, and upload a high quality photo of your pet!

Step 2

Submit Order

Complete your order via PayPal. After you have completed your order, Justine will begin working on the design!

Step 3

Create & Deliver

Once completed, the painting of your beloved pet will be mailed directly to your address with Free Shipping!

Justine donates a portion of all proceeds to the SPCA

What folks are saying:

"Carson has been with us for 7 1/2 years.  He's a wonderful blessing to our family!  He's been through some challenging injuries, but he's extremely resilient.  Brad loves Carson for his BIG personality.  They love going on walks together and playing with toys.  We love his portrait!"

Carol Wooley

"We just celebrated Sky's second birthday and he loves his portrait!"

Antony Wollaston

"We are so thankful to have this new portrait immortalizing our beloved German Shepherd, Dolly Sue Parton. Every time I look at it I am astonished by Justine's ability to capture the personality of our furry little family member in an amazing piece of art."

Mark Lanier

"Walela is a big fan of her portrait. Thank you to Justine for such a fun painting!"

Kailey Eberly

"We adore our kitty Clementine so much! She hogs treats, sits like a human, and hates to be held, and no artist on earth could have captured her many catty facets more beautifully than Justine has. We are so in love with our new portrait!"

Amy Dane

"After we lost Missy a few weeks ago, I asked my friend Justine to draw her. I love it so much."

Amy Dane

"Three Sealys in America doesn't happen every day! We had seven both days at the Meet The Breeds AKC event. I got to show off Midas' portrait in our booth."


"We got Joaquin's portrait and we Love It!"

Maria Luisa Obregon

"I'm loving my portrait of Malcolm! Justine was able to capture his personality SPOT ON!"

Jimerson Adkins









Why trust Justine with your beloved’s portrait?

I realize my style is a little different. 

But it’s honest.  I really look at the individual, and the more you tell me about them the better I can “see” them.  I may not capture their perfection but I capture their character. 

I enjoy painting formal portraits and have had the privilege to do so for numerous animals.  But a portrait takes a lot more time and is expensive.  The painted drawings are a quick and affordable way to honor the individual essence of your beloved.

Formal Pet Painting

Formal Pet Painting

If you’re wanting to give a portrait as a gift but don’t have a photo, fill out what you can and give me the contact info for the recipient and I’ll talk to them.

If you live outside the U.S. I can email you a quality digital version of the original painting.

I’m good at this because I love animals.  They inspire me to live an intentional life, to believe in love and kindness, and to stay present in the moment.  

I am a better person because of them.  At the moment I live with Kitty Witty, Brown Roo, Matilda Lu, and Yoda.  All rescues.  (I wonder who rescued whom?)

Justine and Kitty Witty

kitty stretching

Kitty Witty having a stretch

kitty stretching painting

Capturing that Kitty Essence





Justine and Great Dane Isabelle

Justine lives in Pilot Point, TX, with numerous dogs, cats, and fowl- all rescues!
She blogs about her life as an artist on her Instagram account @thehouseofjustine

Some of Justine's delighted customers!